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M&A Advisory for Middle Market Business Owners

VERCOR, a leading investment banking firm, serves middle market businesses. Business owners who are retiring, tired of pushing the ball up the hill, looking for a new challenge, or diversifying often ask "How do I sell my business?"

Do you know one of the most critical factors in selecting an investment banker? VERCOR details the key factors in making this important selection.

VERCOR Investment Banking provides expertise in selling a business - from business valuation, assessing the marketability of a company, pre-sale planning, marketing, negotiating with buyers, and closing the best deal.

VERCOR brings national and international resources to the job of selling a business in the mid-size market. VERCOR merger and acquisitions consultants provide worldwide resources usually available only to companies with revenues in excess of $100,000,000. Our global database contains thousands of active and prospective buyers, expediting the process of finding desirable candidates to buy a business.